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coming up. good morning, traffic is moving along okay but there could be some issues because of the overnight rain. the traffic is going to be okay on highway 24 westbound as you drive up to the tunnel. also traffic is moving along pretty well on interstate 880, but again, as you heard rose mary say, it has been raining overnight and there could be some standing water there. let's go to tara moriarty in fremont with one one of the biggest wrecks this morning. >> reporter: the chp had two cars towed a half hour ago. the road is nearly dry but at 2:00 in the morning, it is wet and that is what the chp says played a major role in this crash. it appears the person driving the white saturn had a solo spin out and slammed into the median and the driver of a silver suv came along and hit the saturn. the driver of the saturn was outside his car. he suffered a massive head
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injury and was transported to the hospital. the chp issued a sig alert. everything is back open now but there is another reminder why you need to slow down in the rain. sometimes it's not safe to even drive the speed limit. i'm tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. the skies opened up in the middle of the night, a ktvu news camera took these pictures of marble sized hail falling on oakland overnight and it made driving conditions extremely treacherous. bad weather is also being blamed for a wreck on highway 13 in oakland. it happened just after 1:00 this morning. the slick pavement led to this one car crash. the truck ended up on its roof. the driver was not seriously hurt. happening right now, people are camped out at the sacred heart community service in san
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jose. janine de la vega joins us with why people are out there. >> reporter: it is raining and cold and wet but look at this, you see all these umbrellas, people have set up tents, tarps, they're sleeping right now. we've seen baby strollers out here. they're desperate for help and they say it's worth it for them to wait in the line because they need help for the holidays. some people have been here since 6:00 p.m. last night. let's go to videos of volunteers unloading crates of donating food here in preparation for this holiday give away. workers are expecting more than 4000 people to show up and register to receive food boxes that included turkey for thanksgiving and thousands of parents are signing up to receive the food boxes for christmas and toys for their children. the nonprofit says that 12% of kids in santa clara county live in poverty. i'm joined now by crystal cordova. you said this is your very
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first time signing up for this holiday give away. why do you have the need. >> well, i moved here from arkansas with my daughter. i have no job. so i wanted to be able to have a holiday season this year. >> reporter: you said you moved in with your dad and grandma and there's other people, about 8 people living in your home. how difficult is it living here in an affluent city here, how difficult is the struggle. >> it's hard to find a job, for one. the living situation, it's all of us in a crowded house. >> reporter: how will this help you, i mean? >> it will alleviate me a little bit for the holidays and be able to give my daughter an awesome holiday season. >> reporter: okay. thank you so much crystal
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cordova, who's been waiting out here since 6:30 last night. sacred heart has been doing this for 48 years. they say the need is greater this year compared to last year. the high-tech job growth has not helped low income families, but this nonprofit needs food and toy donations for this give away to work. they say money is always welcome. now, these people are still waiting here. we're looking at somebody who's still sleeping under the umbrella. they're going to wait here. registration starts at 7:30 this morning. people can still come down here, but again, you have to be prepared -- to wait. reporting, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. a 44-year-old man was shot in front of a home on west 18 18th street at 8:30 last night. he managed to check himself into a hospital but died there. no arrests have been made. anyone with information about the shooting should contact police. construction work may have
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struck a large house fire in a historic san francisco neighborhood. it started at 7:00 last night on fernwood drive near st. francis wood. it was empty and being remodeled and no one had lived there for years but firefighters had trouble putting it out because the construction made it dangerous to get out. >> my daughter came into the kitchen screaming, do you know what's going on out there, i could feel the heat on my face. >> neighbors speculate that repairs possibly on the roof may have started the fire. the next door home had a singed wall. contra costa county will release a list of fire station closures by the end of the month. they plan to shut down four stations in january and two more next july. the chief met with county supervisors yesterday to discuss which ones are on the
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chopping block. the tax failed to get the vote to pass the tax. it would have fill add 15 million -- filled a 15 million- dollar deficit. >> police and fire, we should have more of that instead of less. >> each fire station costs about $2 million a year to operate. the district says the stations that stay open should be able to handle the extra calls. well, this morning president obama will make his first address to the nation since winning reelection. the president is scheduled to speak from the white house at 10:05 this morning. he's expected to urge congress to act before the end of the year to avoid automatic tax increases and massive spending cuts, so called fiscal cliff. white house advisors say the american people sent a message that they support the president's call for tax increases on the wealthy. john boehner has scheduled a news conference this morning. his will begin at 8:00 and is expected to outline the republican position on avoiding
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the fiscal cliff. he says he is the most reasonable guy in washington and believes he can find common ground with the president. >> i'm really proud. [cheering and applause] >> president obama got a little emotional wiping away tears as he thanked his campaign staff and volunteers at the chicago headquarters the day after winning the election, the president's campaign released this video. 7 navy sales accused of leaking classified information are in hot water. military officials say the seal has provided secret information to the makers of one of the hottest video games, the punishment handed down and the local connection to the story coming up at 4:45. drivers will have to stay patient going through what many call the worst interchange, the
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280/880 interchange, they will add another the route into valley fair from 880 and there will be a flyover ramp, the $62 million project should be finished by early 2015. 4:37 is the time. definitely wet roads out there so traffic could be a little messy today. >> it's not raining now in many areas but it was raining overnight and you will find puddles. we're doing well on 80 westbound as you head out to the mc mcarthur maze. at the bay bridge toll plaza we don't have a big delay. traffic is moving along pretty well. and bay south bay, northbound 101 looks good. and at the off ramp they're clearing up an accident there. 4:38. good morning to you for are
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your friday, if you look close enough, you can see the center of this storm swinging over california. that is bringing us the unstable weather for this morning and throughout the afternoon so we'll see a mixture of showers as well as the possibility of thunderstorms. we'll see sun and clouds as well. giving you a look at storm tracker 2, up close and personal, redwood city light rain falling, henderson over into palo alto, scattered showers on highway 101. it is wet. down into the santa cruz area we have highway 17 as well as highway 9 with light to moderate rain falling. santa cruz and capit o ola you have showers falling over you. awfully cold. 37 in santa rosa. widespread 40s around the region as i mentioned a little bit earlier anywhere from 5 to 10 degrees cooler than yesterday morning. bundle up the little ones
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getting outside. so for the call of the day, we have showers in the forecast, the possibility of thunderstorms hanging around and temperatures well below afternoon. giving you a -- average. giving you a look at what we can expect through the afternoon. i had hail dumping on my roof a little bit earlier this morning and you may have as well. afternoon highs for today, upper 50s low 60s and then as we get into the extended forecast with your weekend in view, tomorrow morning, mainly dry, but a cold start, 30s around the bay. temperatures could be colder as we start sunday morning, a slight rebound in our temperatures as we get into the second half of the weekend, early part of next week, a chance for showers coming again on tuesday. back to you. if you're planning to head up to reno or tahoe this weekend, probably want to bring the chains, the snow is falling in the mountains. and on highway 50, many ski resorts are expecting at least a foot of snow from this storm.
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boreal may be able to open the slopes tomorrow. the reason residents of treasure island may have to endure this problem for several more years. and taxpayers on the hook for sex change operations, the controversial health insurance program in one bay area city. good morning, traffic ising moving along pretty well on highway 4 so far but it's still wet from some overnight rain. we'll tell you what that's doing to the commute.
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good morning to you on this friday, pockets of rain and hail in the forecast for today, even a dusting of snow for our local mountains above 2500 feet possible. well, police are enforcing a gas rationing system in new york. mayor michael bloomberg ordered rationing to shorten the lines in new york and long island hit by a nor'easter after
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superstorm sandy. cars with even numbered license plates can fill up on even numbered days and odd plates on odd days. power outages still persist. >> they told us it was going to be maybe thanksgiving. so, you know, it's very rotator -- very rough. >> he says power companies are working slowly, and he wants them investigated. many still do not have power. if you are flying today you might want to check with the airline ahead of time. there were storm related cancellations yesterday, much fewer than the day before though. most were from jfk in new york, new ark in new jersey. people who live in treasure islands may have to deal with power outages for a while longer. the power has gone out an average of once a week for four
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hours at a time. that's according to a report filed with the cities cup. the city's utilities commission says there's no permanent commission until the islands are turned over to the city and developed. however, that may not happen for several years. seven members of navy seal team 6 after the military says they disclosed classified information to electronic arts. the seal reportedly worked as consultants on the game medal of honor war fighter. they're accused of showing designers that special combat gear that is unique to their unit. seven seals were docked pay and four others are under investigation. chris stevens was honored with a posthumous award in the nation's capitol. secretary of state hillary clinton delivered remarks.
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>> chris stevens was an inspiration to all who served with him and knew him during his life. >> stevens earned the common ground award for conflict resolution, negotiation and peace building. his sister ann accepted the award on his behalf. stevens who grew up here in the bay area was killed along with three other americans in a terrorist attack in the u.s. consulate on september 11th. san francisco police are trying to figure out how a man was fatally injured during a giant's celebration. john mofette says he was attacked but it's possible he may have been one of the people doing somersaults on the mattresses and could have hurt himself. he refused medical help and his roommate says that doesn't make sense. >> he came in. he looked like he had been in some sort of fight. he looked dishelpfulled and looked like there was a bruise or swelling on his cheek and he said the five guys had jumped
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him. >> police are investigating his death as suspicious. anyone with information is asked to call police. oakland police are looking for a man who they say tried to kidnap a 14-year-old girl in oakland. i want to show you a sketch of the suspect. investigators say he tried to pull the girl into a waiting truck on 103rd avenue and international boulevard on monday. she was able to escape and ran home. the truck is described as a newer model red dodge ram pickup truck. police are also looking for the driver of the truck but they do not have a sketch of him yet. san francisco's universal health care program is being expanded to include sex change surgeries. the idea is to help transgender people who are unshoed and in crisis because of their genders. the health initiative should be established by late next year: it's time to start thinking about the holidays. postoffice wants you to put important dates on your
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calendar. postal workers say december 17 december 17th will be the busiest day of the year to mail holiday cards and packages. december 22nd will be the last day to send express mail. if you want it to arrive by christmas, mail items earlier and avoid the rush. >> i can't believe we're talking about the holidays already. >> we have to start looking for the good christmas picture, the picture for the card. >> a lot of people do that or they take the pictures around this time. >> yes, they do that too. good morning everybody let's look at what we have. traffic is moving well on 80 westbound as you head out to the mcarthur maze with no major issues. looking pretty good at the bay bridge toll plaza. hoping for r a good day into san francisco. there are no major problems getting into the city right now. and if you are driving in san jose northbound 101 and 280 and traffic is looking good. here's rosemary orozco. we can see that the storm is continuing over the area,
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but this band of rain pushing south at this time over parts of the north bay mainly dry, the east bay and north half of the peninsula looking pretty good at this moment. we continue to watch showers in and around redwood city around highway 101. you'll find it here along the 84 cross over of the bridge. a few light showers there and as we get into fremont boulevard seeing light rain at this time. i want to shift south toward highway 101, we have rain over the santa cruz mountains, a little bit of a heavier rain falling here just east of highway 17, lexington hills. we have an advisory remaining over sierra, snow levels are low this morning anywhere from 25 to 3000 feet and we have the winter weather advisory, and for lake tahoe e until the afternoon. we're looking at several inches of snow and low snow levels and an adjusting of snow for our
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higher elevations. 58 degrees for santa rosa. 59 for san rafael. 59 in oakland, low 60s for the warmer spots. 62 in pleasanton, 61 are san jose. 60 degrees santa cruz. the extended forecast shows tomorrow morning going to be a chilly start if you have an early morning soccer game, be prepared for that. upper 50s, low 60s in the afternoon. sunday looks to be the warmer day. slightly warmer as we get back to work on monday and rain will return to the area on tuesday. i'll have a look at your current temperatures coming up. as president obama reshuffles his cabinet for a second term, the help he may be looking for in silicon valley. and a tough lesson for a city council candidate on why every vote counts, the reason his wife may have cost him the race.
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twitter is apologizing after resetting a much larger number of passwords than it needed to be. the service says the change was necessary after a hacker hit the account of tech crunch. twitter is not saying how much accounts are affected but adds e-mail notifications were sent to users needing to reset the passwords. replacements for timothy
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geichner, eric smith and facebook chief operating officer cheryl sandburg are on the list for possible treasury secretaries. he pointed to the science technology and sandburg served as chief of staff. if selected she would become the first female treasury secretary. a man learned the hard way everyone counts. robert mcdonald finished in a dead heat for a seat on the walton city council. they each had 669 votes. he says he might have won if his wife katie e had voted. she didn't make it to the polls because she was sleeping. coming up on the 5 hour, the roads are still wet out there. let's check traffic with sal. traffic it moving along pretty well. we're starting in san francisco
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this time. northbound 101 looks good. no major problems getting to the lower deck of the bay bridge and coming in from the best of my knowledge -- from the bridge is looks good. and getting over to the high- rise and continuing over to highway 101. this morning if you're driving in san jose, we've been looking at the santa clara valley and it's wet from overnight rain but no major problems reported. 4:54. good morning to you. the rain has tapered off for number we're not finished yet, though. a mixture of sun, cloud, next thing you know the clouds are piling up and we have brief downpours and the possibility of hail in the forecast. saw some and felt some earlier this morning and you may have too and it will be with us throughout your friday. looking at some of the rainfall totals in the last 24 hours. san francisco picked up .22, a
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1/10 of an inch in oakland. redwood city, .12, and i'm thinking quarter inch or so for the entire day. not a lot expected but it could be brief and strong at times when it does. 45 in fairfield, 37 in santa rosa. 45 san francisco, 47 mountain view. several degrees cooler than we were 24 hours ago and when it's damp it feels cooler than that. make sure you bring along the winter gear for the kids. may may need it. 59 in sandra fell -- san rafael. and into the south bay where we have light showers, 61 san jose. 59 san mateo, 57 san francisco, a cool day at the coast, upper 50s with a possibility of scattered showers there. your weekend in vehicles it's going to be a -- view, it's going to be a cool weekend.
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mainly dry. we're going to start out very chilly. upper 50s, low 60s for the afternoon. monday partly cloudy skies, slightly warmer but another chance for rain on tuesday. back to the desk. >> very cold. surfers get ready, the competition gives contestants 24 hours warning to search for the largest waves. it hasn't been held for the past two years because the big waves didn't materialize. coming up next in our 5:00 hour, an important warning going out to young people in one bay area city, what happened several times near school. it's the last undecided state in this week's presidential election. there's now a new development. stay with us.
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we're live in fremont where a man is fighting for his life after a serious freeway crash. how the wet weather played a role. gearing up for a cold wet friday, i'll be tracking your storm coming up. controversy surrounding a video game made by this company here in redwood city. coming up, we'll tell you why

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